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Certain people, events, organizations, and storylines in wrestling history have gotten a bum rap. Some writers have presented overtly critical comments and outright lies as fact, and others have followed suit. Well no more! “In Defense of…” has one reason: to bring the truth to the wrestling fan!


Some dame walked into my office and said…

Matt C came around saying I should defend New Jack by coming right up with this:

I’ve watched the guy for almost ten years now and he is an absolute maniac, in and out of the ring. He destroyed a seventeen-year old wannabe worker, confronted a crippled Brian Pillman, and worked ultra-stiff on an eighty-year-old man… and that’s just for starters. It’d be a hell of a challenge at the very least.

To which I replied:

Hmmmm… an interesting thought. What is the main charge against him? That he is too violent? That he is dangerous in the ring? That he isn’t a “wrestler”? Actually, those do sound like charges. I’ll take the case!

And so I shall.

Why this?

Everything some people find funny or interesting about New Jack, someone uses as a reason to hate him. New Jack is an incredibly polarizing individual. Is he everything he says he is, or are the lines of character and person blurred with him? Do people hate New Jack because they don’t like him or his style, or because he might be working them all the time? Does New Jack have any wrestling skill, or is he just protected by “garbage”? Should we even care that slicing people with a cheese grater is his most prominent move?

And this man has been involved in more incidents than most of the SmackDown! roster combined. He has spent time in jail, he has killed four men (in self-defense [while hunting them]), he has pissed off promoters by swearing his head off in front of six-year-olds. There is no sense in denying what has actually happened. The question is, how guilty is he really; and if he is, should it matter to us?

New Jack is a case I take on with some trepidation because even sometimes I am taken in by the myth and have worked hard to try to separate fact from fiction. But if New Jack has played me as well, would I still want to defend him?

You bet. If you can hide the truth from me, then you deserve an automatic buy!

For now, though, let’s check in with where this man came from.


How’d I come to be?

On the day of this original publishing in 2006, New Jack was 43 years and one day old. Born in Atlanta, GA as Jerome Young on January 3, 1963, New Jack did not have much in life. He grew up in a rough neighborhood but sought more for himself. He did not want to be taken in by the life around him, but at the same time did not want to forget where he came from. He worked odd jobs through the years, but one job in particular began to define the man: Bounty Hunter.

New Jack worked as a Bounty Hunter for years and all reports indicate that he had four justifiable homicides. Whether true or not, the man did risk his life for money, so it would seem that his next transition in life was not a hard one.

In the early 1990’s, New Jack began training under Ray Candy in Georgia. Candy was a mid-south and Puerto Rican wrestling notoriety, having wrestled since 1973 and won the Mid-American Tag Titles and WWC Puerto Rican title. At the time of training New Jack, he had recently retired to Decatur, GA and was with a limited number of students.

This was not the only place that New Jack went for training. Smitty wrote in to tell me:

I knew Jack (Jerome) when he was training at the north Georgia wrestling academy here some years back. He was teamed with Bill “Festus” Harris who also ran the school with Uncle Sammy Kent and Danny Dees (I built crates for Harris and the academy was set up in the same building)[. B]elieve it or not[,] Jack was a real easy going guy and just as funny as hell.

What does this all tell us? That New Jack is a trained wrestler! He went to the schools, he went through the ropes! He was not just some green guy that Paul E plucked off of streets and gave a shopping cart to and said, “Hit people with this.” New Jack has all the training in the world to be a more than solid wrestler.

Why then, doesn’t he?

Says New Jack:

I will work rings around your ass, but I don’t get paid for that kind of shit. I get paid to beat motherfuckers to death. But if you beat me up, I will SHOOT YOU! I’m licensed to carry a gun and I will shoot the shit out of you! All you motherfucking bitches! I ain’t going to be no bitch!

Ahem… what Mr. Jack is trying to say here is that he has the ability, he just chooses not to use it. His gimmick over time has been to be the man that beats the crap out of you with everything in the building and then dive off a balcony. He does not need to, nor should he, go out there and wrestle Chris Benoit style. When describing one of his recent incidents (we’ll get to that later) on New Jack: Undercover, New Jack added:

If you book me, you don’t expect armdrags and head tosses and lip locks…

Not since the days of Adrian Adonis had anyone been booked for “lip locks”, but that’s beside the point.

What is the point is that anyone booking New Jack today should know what they are getting: hardcore weapons and profane language. If you cannot deal with that, that is your own fault, not New Jack’s.

The Origin, Part 2

But what became of New Jack after training? I already said that he was not just plucked off the street by Paul Heyman and teamed up with Mustafa. Well, half of this is correct — well, actually about a quarter. In 1993, at thirty years of age, New Jack premiered in the USWA in Memphis, TN. This is actually where he acquired the name New Jack. From there he went on to SMW, where Jim Cornette paired him with Mustafa. According to Wikipedia:

The Gangstas took part in several controversial angles, on one occasion using affirmative action to enable them to win matches with a two count, not the conventional three count. They engaged in a long feud with the Rock ‘N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson).

You see, it was not Paul Heyman that created or expanded New Jack or the Gangtas, but it was New Jack and Mustafa along with Jim Cornette that helped set the pace for what the team would become. When SMW folded in 1995, the duo made their way to ECW (still in its infancy).

Now, I’ve spent a couple of cases attacking Paul Heyman. The point I want to make with him is that he, and his devout followers, believe he has done no wrong and that everyone is out to get and steal from him. Well Heyman has done everything he has ever accused anyone of. Heyman would like you to believe he came up with the Extreme, that he invented the hardcore style. The hardcore style existed well before Heyman in the form of wrestlers like Terry Funk and Abdullah the Butcher, and the next evolution of hardcore existed in New Jack. New Jack is the one who came up with diving off the balcony as a regular event, or hitting people with everything and anything he could find, of scarring his head incessantly from blading, not Paul Heyman. As much as Heyman would like to take credit for the creation of New Jack, New Jack created himself.

As noted, New Jack was thirty-two years old when he came into ECW. He had already been around a long time, though not necessarily in the business. The man knew his tolerance for pain and violence, and was trying to turn that into a career. Paul Heyman gave him that platform, but did not create him.

New Jack would go on to win two ECW World Tag Team Championships with Mustafa and one more with former Eliminator rival Kronus. His brand of violence would be “borrowed” by the likes of Tommy Dreamer, the Dudley Boys, and countless others. But during his time in ECW and after, New Jack was involved in some of the most controversial moments in wrestling history.

You have the right to remain silent…

Above I noted that bookers should know what they are going to get when they put New Jack on the card: violence and swearing. Still, his in-ring antics and ability to blur the lines between reality and fiction have caused many wrestlers to fear working with him. Worse yet, some have landed him in jail.

The Mass Transit Incident

On November 23, 1996, ECW was having a house show in Revere, MA and booked for the card was the Gangstas vs. D-von Dudley and Axl Rotten. For some reason or the other, Axl Rotten could not make the show, and instead of replacing him with any of the talent already there, Heyman turned around to some kid who SOMEHOW found his way backstage. From Steve Brinn over at Obsessed with Wrestling:

Enter, Eric Kulas. He was a kid that wanted to make it big as a wrestler. He had no previous training, but he thought it would be his big break. He did have some in ring experience, wrestling midgets. He went by the name Mass Transit and he went to the ring wearing a bus driver’s suit. Now not only did he have this against him, but he was terribly out of shape, weighing in over 350 pounds. Having talked to Paul Heyman, he was given a chance.

You see, Kulas was only 17, but his father vouched for the age on his fake ID and his claims that he had trained with Killer Kowalski (I met Kowalski around this time, and he was in no shape to train anyone). Somehow, this was proof enough for Heyman and he booked the match. Backstage, Kulas, New Jack, and the others went over the match and the high points they wanted involved. New Jack said that he wanted Kulas to bleed, and Kulas said that he did not know how and asked New Jack to do it. New Jack agreed.

During the match, New Jack went to cut Kulas with his exacto-knife, but the cut was deeper than normal. This is most likely because Kulas flinched significantly when New Jack went for the cut, and when New Jack hit him with a chair blood went everywhere.

The incident was incredibly violent, and fan recordings of the event got to PPV providers who cancelled ECW’s first PPV. New Jack was falsely given the blame for what happened.

New Jack is not to blame here, though. He was put in a ring with someone who was screened through management, who he talked to in the back and said he could work. The kid’s father vouched for him as well. Heyman and the father, these are your main culprits. And if anyone else thought something was wrong — the ref, Mustafa, or D-von Dudley (who were all there!) — why did they do nothing to intervene? No, New Jack was just doing the job he always did, and thought he was doing it with a professional.

Let us not forget what happened next. Kulas (two years later!) sued ECW and New Jack for physical and psychological damage. From our friends over at Obsessed with Wrestling again:

In the trial, Kulas claimed that he did not know that New Jack would blade him. He denied that he knew he’d be treated the way he was in a match against The Gangstas. He also claimed that Paul Heyman told a reporter that it was an initiation for him into the ECW family. On the flipside, New Jack claimed that Kulas did know what was going to happen. He also said that Kulas said it was okay for him to get bladed and that Kulas’ father knew of what was going to happen from talks backstage. New Jack claimed that you can see Kulas puffing his cheeks, a way to increase the bleeding. Jerome Young, aka New Jack, claimed that his first to attempts to blade did not work. This is due to the fact that Kulas had never bladed before. When he tried again, he accidentally pushed too deep and that caused the massive bleeding.

Evidence used against New Jack was his mic claims and a shoot interview he later did. Young claimed that on the interview he was working in character. That his New Jack character loved to inflict pain and violence. Adding to ECW’s case, although Kulas claimed to be scarred, no scars could be seen. Also, Kulas was reportedly walking around backstage and talking to wrestlers before being taken to the hospital. Supposedly he was only suing after he found out he would not be an ECW regular.

In the end, ECW and New Jack were acquitted of the charges and Kulas would not get any money. Kulas could not keep his story straight, which severely hurt his case.

Kulas and his claims were complete baloney. The courts found ECW and New Jack had done no wrong. Oh, and by the way, when Kulas died in 2002, it was from a completely unrelated condition, and nothing to do with what happened that one night in ECW.

And again, as New Jack said, it was violence in character. This would not be the last time, though, that New Jack would get into trouble for something he did in character.

Scaffold Fall

On March 12, 2000 at the Living Dangerously PPV, New Jack and Vic Grimes literally plummeted off the scaffolding and through some tables below. The match was abruptly ended and the show moved on. New Jack suffered a plethora of injuries, including blindness in one eye. Some people blame New Jack for the injuries because it looks like he pushed Grimes off of the scaffolding, almost killing the both of them. But in an interview with Jason Scales of Wrestling Digest in October 2001, New Jack had this to say:

Vic Grimes, the big stupid-ass, called a spot. He wanted us to go off this scaffolding that was very unstable. I asked him had he checked it out. He said yeah, but he hadn’t. He didn’t want to do it after he got up there; he said it was too high. I said, “Vic, pay-per-view. Let’s go.” He said, “Jack, it’s too high. I can’t do it.” So I just snatched him, and we fell. The first table broke my fall, and he did a flip in the air and his back ran up against my head, and my head hit the floor. From that alone, I broke my leg, broke my right arm, cracked my sternum, cracked my skull, and lost my sight. I was laid up for a long time after that one, and I still came back.

You see, New Jack knew it was PPV and knew he had to deliver. It was Vic Grimes trying to go back on a spot that he set up. New Jack just wanted to do the job they were paid to do, and give the fans in the arena and around the world their money’s worth. How can he be faulted for just trying to deliver, and the other wrestler messing him up and hurting him so severely?

And New Jack was never paid for his injuries as promised. From Derek Burgan’s recap of New Jack Shoot Interview Volume 3:

And since Heyman declared bankruptcy New Jack can’t get any money that he is owned claiming that the WWE protects Heyman by only paying him $52,000 a year. Apparently you can put liens against people making even a penny above 52K.

And more so, from Brian Lowman’s recap of New Jack on Get in the Ring Radio in January 2004:

Talk turns to Paul Heyman. New Jack says he has a $14,000 hospital bill that still hasn’t been paid. He said he has a permanent limp and pins in his legs, ankle and hip because of the damage he did to his body in ECW. New Jack said Heyman told him they could no longer pay for his services. He said he told Heyman that if he doesn’t, his ratings would go down. New Jack said he had no problem doing big spots in ECW because he is a pain freak and that it was good for the show. He said he would walk around for days with an injury until it [got] infected and when the time came to get it checked out, Heyman wouldn’t pay. New Jack mentioned how when Paul Heyman went to California for a few weeks, he promised the talent in ECW that he was going to get a new TV deal signed for ECW. New Jack said he was actually filming for the movie “Rollerball” where he plays an announcer.

Interesting: another person like Mike Awesome who was giving everything to Heyman, but Heyman was giving nothing back (for example, the pay they were owed and just messing with them for his own agenda). New Jack elaborated a bit more in the aforementioned interview in Wrestling Digest:

WD: In an interview posted on the Internet, you were quoted as saying that you “quit ECW before ECW quit on you.” Elaborate on your fallout from ECW.

NJ: At the end, I was really pissed. I saw it coming to an end. A lot of the boys in the locker room didn’t want to believe it, just like a lot of the fans didn’t want to believe it. It was time for me to start looking elsewhere, because I knew this [ride] wasn’t going to be continuing much longer. A lot of the boys had false hopes saying, “Paul E. Heyman is going to bail us out.” I was considered a vet in that locker room and I knew better. I was ready to leave and I did.

He left ECW when all he was doing was getting injured for no pay. Wouldn’t you?

Killing ECW on TNN

Somehow over time, though, rumors became that it was New Jack who got ECW kicked off of TNN. I believe this is an amalgamated form of how ECW lost their first PPV because of the Mass Transit incident, but a little deeper. Back to Derek Burgan’s recap:

[New] Jack said that originally Heyman wouldn’t put New Jack on the ECW show on TNN until he wanted to take the show off the network. Jack said that Heyman then aired New Jack matches and when they were kicked off of TNN he blamed New Jack.

Despite what Heyman said on the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, he did tone down his product as Vince McMahon suggested. He did not just go out there and say, “This is what we are, deal with it!” No, no, he met their needs and wants, although many times going against them for reasons only he can fathom. Blaming anyone outside of Heyman or the TNN executives for ECW’s cancellation is a bit asinine.

Stabby Stabby!

This one I’ll leave to the source. From Derek Burgan’s recap of New Jack: Undercover:

For those unaware, during the fall of 2004 New Jack was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida for aggravated assault during a match…. After spending several weeks in jail, New Jack got out and [went] to RF Video and filmed a shoot about the whole situation.

Only in wrestling.

New Jack started off talking about the show which got him in so much trouble and explained he was booked against a “snot green” opponent (real name: William “Hunter” Lane) who didn’t know kayfabe. Yep, the kid didn’t know what terms like “get color” and “babyface” meant. To be fair, I didn’t know what “gig” meant for the longest time either. Jack talked about the knife he pulled out during the match and the fact that he “kept stickin’ him and stickin’ him and stickin’ him ’til my arm got tired. That act got Jack arrested and ended up putting him over $8,000 in the hole, although this figure would grow throughout the shoot.

New Jack couldn’t understand how what he did in the ring could possibly be considered assault because it happened in the ring. Tell that to Blue Meanie and JBL. New Jack compared it to a girl consenting to sex and then screaming rape afterwards. Jack called this incident “Mass Transit 2,” but interesting said it was much worse than what went down with [Eric] Kulas. Jack said that [Kulas] just got sliced in the forehead while this suffering bastard got stabbed in the head, neck, stomach, leg and just about everywhere else. Was Jack apologetic about doing all of that to a guy who was clearly in over his head? Nope. “Welcome to the business.”


RF Video steered the discussion towards New Jack’s experience in jail. Jack said that he was in the maximum security area of the jail because of his past record and there were 50 other cellmates in his area, though he denied socializing with them. Jack detailed what an average day in jail was like:

3:30a.m. — woke up, given medication.

5:30a.m. — breakfast

11:00a.m. — let out of cell for recreational activity

Noon — lunch, back to cell

4:30 — let out of cell for recreational activity

5:30 — dinner

8:30 — back to cell for night. No TV. No radio…

Jack called the near three weeks spent on the above schedule, “the best vacation” he’s ever had. Me thinks New Jack needs to find a new travel agent.

I just wanted to include that last part because it was funny. The more important thing is it was another situation that was taken out of context and out of control. What isn’t mentioned here is that the kid who was stabbed never pressed charges, and later said that it was all part of the show. That is why New Jack got out of jail; he really did not do anything wrong. New Jack just likes the stories about him to grow because that’s the type of person he is. Says the man to Wrestling Digest:

The way I carry myself in the ring and the way people see me, they think I’m really pissed off. When you see me jab a fork in somebody, you don’t know if I’ve stabbed them or not. Mike Awesome almost pissed on himself when he found out that we had to work one night. Me and Raven kept picking at him about what I was going to do to him with a staple gun. He ran to Paul E. and said he didn’t want to do the match. I had staples in it, and he didn’t know if I was going to really shoot him or if it was going to be a work. There have been matches where Paul E. was standing by the curtain, because he thought I was in the ring mad at somebody. And it was a big work. When you can fool people in the locker room, I think it’s funny.

That is it in a nutshell. New Jack likes the legend of New Jack because he thinks it’s damn funny.

More incidents

We could go on forever with more incidents over time that New Jack has been involved in, but they all lead back to the same story: There is a thin grey line between New Jack the person and New Jack the wrestler, and New Jack likes to play that game. This an interview on New Jack’s website sums it up pretty well:

CM: New Jack! Holy Shit, aren’t you in jail or something? Didn’t you kill somebody in the ring?

NJ: What the FUCK? You’re really going to come at me with that bullshit? Aren’t you in Jail? I’m about to be in thirty seconds!

CM: No, No, No, No, I mean, No, I mean when I was reading up for this interview, everything I read online was like New Jack was arrested for killing somebody in the ring and things like that.

NJ: Ain’t that some shit? I see some of that stuff too and I’m like that New Jack is gangsta as fuck. The Internet shit can go both ways. In the day of ECW it was like underground smoke signals and shit. I’d be hittin the 1–8–7 in Philly and some guy on the Internet 5 states away knew about it before I put the bitch down. Those fuckers were high-tech and loyal to the bone. That network of crazy high-tech fuckers helped put a lot of us hardcore motherfuckers on the map and put ECW over the fucking top. A lot of those crazy fuckers are still out there looking for any [signs] of life on the web. So, you get some bitch that says he knows something and puts it out there, next thing you know I’m up the fucking river.

And that’s the point. All these rumors, all these unconnected events are brought together into New Jack because he is so controversial, because he is so hardcore. But he’s just a wrestler, doing his best in the business, and giving back when he can.

A wrestler? Doing his best? Giving back? WHAT?!

That was a pretty bold statement, wasn’t it? Well, let’s cover a couple of those points right here. In Josh Shibata’s interview with indie sensation Trent Acid, New Jack made an appearance:

New Jack: Who is this [interview] for?

Josh: SoCal Uncensored?

New Jack: Who?

Josh: SoCal Uncensored.

Trent: It’s a shoot.

New Jack: Who are you talking about?

Trent: About myself. I’m talking about myself.

New Jack: This is my buddy [Trent] right? And whatever he says is true. If he said I fucked a goat, I did. But I was drunk, and the goat had lipstick on so I thought the bitch was pretty.

Trent: And the thing about training, this is the guy who taught me the most devastating punch in wrestling.

New Jack: That’s right because all I know is the punch. And those of you who believe that, you’re out of your motherfucking mind. I will work rings around your ass, but I don’t get paid for that kind of shit. I get paid to beat motherfuckers to death. But if you beat me up, I will SHOOT YOU! I’m licensed to carry a gun and I will shoot the shit out of you! All you motherfucking bitches! I ain’t going to be no bitch!

Trent: That man right there is New Jack. He is the man. He taught me the art of wrestling and how to make it look real. Actually, a true story real quick because this is a shoot, I broke my arm five years ago in a gym and everyone thought that I wasn’t even hurt but [New Jack] knew it right away and he rode with me in my car with my mother to the hospital.

Two birds with one stone: New Jack is more than wrestling, he’s about making it look real. Anyone can throw a punch, New Jack can make you believe he killed somebody. That’s why people think he’s just covering up with garbage, because he makes it look like he’s hitting everything. The guy makes violence look violent, but he’s still out there trying to protect everyone. Look what happened with Vic Grimes, look what happened with the Dudleys. Despite his hatred for both, he kept them safe and took the worse lumps for himself. But he was still out there diving off balconies night after night. Speaking of balconies, back to that interview with Wrestling Digest:

WD: What goes through your mind before you jump off a balcony and how much longer can you keep doing it?

NJ: Two words go through my mind when I get up there: “Oh, crap!” Everybody knows about the Vic Grimes thing, but that wasn’t really my fault. He got up there and sissied out. I snatched his ass off the thing, and he just fell on top of me. I’ve cracked my ribs a couple times and landed wrong and broke my leg three times last year. I’ll do it until I don’t want to do it anymore. I’ve never been afraid of heights. Most of the time when I do it, the worst that happens to me is that I get the wind knocked out of me.

New Jack is trying to help the younger generation out. He tries to make them look good, but he still cares about himself and his paycheck. Why not if you go to jail for your fans?

And there have been times when it seemed that New Jack was supposed to show up in WWE as John Cena’s stabber, but that never came to pass. Says New Jack on his website:

That fucking shit gets crazy. I’m not fucking sure that I know. There’s very little direct communication. You get word floated to your fucking ass through backdoors and weird fucking channels. You get invitations to show up and hang out. Ideas are thrown around. People get called in and out of appearances as plotlines are developed and deleted on the spot. I’ve been there, I’ve been at the curtain and I’ve been patted on the back on the way out the fucking door. It’s the way that fucking shit works. It’s quick as a fucking chairshot. I’m always hearing shit. I’ve been a staple… ha ha… of a couple of major fucking promotions. I’ll be there again, no fucking doubt. But, right now I got a good fucking thing going. I can be me and not worry about somebody losing 30 seconds of airtime or a sponsor because I screamed fucking die when I drop the 1–8–7. That’s what’s important to me right now is being true to me and true to my fans.

Ismael Abdu Salaam’s recap of New Jack’s promo at Extremely Hardcore PPV taping says:

- He stated the reports of him being unable to attend the ECW PPV due to an outstanding warrant were complete lies on the part of WWE. According to Jack, WWE wrestlers threatened to leave the ring if New Jack appeared for fear of being hurt.

- He lambasted John Cena for being a caricature of Hip Hop. He briefly detailed the proposed storyline of him being Cena’s attacker, but again WWE being too scared to bring in New Jack. According to New Jack he’s the Original Gangsta and the only authentic Hip Hop influenced wrestler in the business.

On a side note, the recap also stated:

Regarding Flair, he accused the Nature Boy of being a racist. Jack quoted Flair as saying “Wrestling is a white man’s sport…. and n****** have no place in it.” As an African-American and [life-long] wrestling fan, I was shocked and saddened to hear those words attributed to Flair. Almost every fan went dead silent also. New Jack yelled he’s a black man and has helped to revolutionize wrestling, and if anyone thinks he doesn’t have a place in wrestling, they can “suck his d***.” He continued blasting Flair as a rip off of Buddy Rogers, and stealing his chops from Wahoo McDaniel.

You may remember those exact last few words as the ones Edge said to Ric Flair on an episode of RAW in 2006. New Jack is right; they are afraid of New Jack the person, but are not too afraid to steal directly from him.

The bottom line is, New Jack wants to be New Jack, and is in a financially good enough position now that he can do that. He does not want to tone it down, he does not want to slow down, even at the age of 43. So why should anyone expect him to conform? He is New Jack, no matter what.

Balcony Plunge

New Jack is a man completely misunderstood. He blurs the lines of reality and wrestling for his own amusement and financial gain. But the truth is, he worked hard to learn the business, to learn to wrestle, and fought his way up. He likes to wrestle his own way, and has become known for his hardcore style. When you book New Jack, you know what you are going to get. Sure, sometimes things seem out of control with him, but there is so much going on backstage that the truth is hazy at best. What we do know is that New Jack cares very deeply for the business and has put himself in the hospital and jail for it. Today, he gives back to the next generation and continues to make a name for himself. He is a trailblazer in hardcore and independent wrestling. He is a misunderstood masterpiece of the wrestling world.

The defense rests.

After the Trial

Hung Jury


Oh man, what a character!

And with 66.7% of the vote, New Jack was found:


Did you read that, New Jack! I did it! I did it, brother! I got you a not guilty vote! Fire all your lawyers, because I’m the only man you need. And although I may not have a law degree, and you could not legally pay me to represent you in court, and I would never take on a record like yours without getting paid, umm… let me go take the LSATs and get back to you in a few years.


We’ll begin with a little additional background info:

When I trained with Chris Hamrick, he told us New Jack was one of the coolest guys he’d met in the business.

-Eddie Lawson

I asked for some more Chris Hamrick quotes but did not get any! However, this write-in reminded me of a silly point:

SUBJECT: New Jack: Can he plead insanity?

The Man is clearly insane there have been other interviews he’s done [regionally] that [he] says he holds no ill will toward [Heyman].

He’s starting to live his gimmick and you should see some of the e-mails he sends people.

He’s more [delusional] than Jack [Thompson].


That point being:

I like the breakdown feature on his website where he shows all of his injuries. My favorite is the one pointing to his heart and says “Feelings hurt”. That was too good!

However, the real collateral damage from this case and some of the prior ones was Paul Heyman:

Every time I watch an episode of “Law & Order” (the original, natch), I’m struck by how a person can seem so totally guilty in a case, but then the case gets screwed up by a witness lying or breaking down.

Much the same here… regardless of what I feel about New Jack, I have a problem finding anyone guilty when the main witness would be one Paul Heyman.

Matt Simon

In defense of Heyman …. (LOL) Someone else may need to do that based on your accusations.

Chris Pineo

I noticed in this story that you talked about Paul Heyman. Why not defend him?

Ross Sims

Among my responses to this topic included:

Yeah, I’ve kind of noticed that I’ve been attacking Heyman a lot lately, which I know will come back to haunt me. Either I’ll be doing some In Defense Of… for Heyman or someone he is a key witness for, and I’ll never be able to use his testimony. I’ve done a pretty good job destroying the guy’s credibility!

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