How to Stop Voter Suppression… Permanently

Over 250 bills to restrict voter access have already been introduced

Key Points

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Earlier this week, the House passed the For The People Act (H.R.1), a sweeping reform package that returns power in Washington to the American people.… This landmark legislation will fix what is broken in our democracy. It expands access to the ballot, reduces the corrupting influence of corporate money in political campaigns, and restores ethics and integrity in government. I’m especially pleased that it includes my proposals to make it easier to vote, require greater transparency from presidential candidates, and limit the influence of corporations over our government.

You do not have a right to vote.

Gaining the Right to Vote

The President and Vice President of the United States shall be directly elected by the people of all States and Territories here within.

Elections for Senators, Representatives, and the President and Vice President shall start at least three weeks before the Day chosen by Congress for holding Elections. The Election timeframe may be extended by law but shall not be shortened for any reason. Election polling must be made available as most convenient for the People of the United States and include hours and days in which the majority do not make labor.

The governing body of each election — Federal or otherwise — shall maintain the secrecy of ballot results until at least seven full days have passed from the Day of Election. This timeframe may be extended by law or in order to have the appropriate time to verify the results, but shall not be shortened for any reason. No member of the governing body of each election may share results or estimates of the elections during this timeframe under penalty of treason.

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All eligible voters of the United States shall be automatically registered to Vote and be provided all necessary materials and information in order to give their vote.

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All eligible voters of the United States shall be provided a ballot at the commencement of the Election timeframe. This ballot shall be able to be submitted by all methods as have been made available by law during the Election timeframe.

All eligible voters within the United States are required to vote in Federal elections unless unable to physically or mentally do so or have been granted an exception by law. Congress shall lay a levy on those who fail to submit ballots without meeting an exception.

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