Future Policies of the Republican Party

Once founded to stop the spread of slavery, how far will the future Republican Party be from these ideals?

Key Points

That the history of the nation during the last four years, has fully established the propriety and necessity of the organization and perpetuation of the… party, and that the causes which called it into existence are permanent in their nature, and now, more than ever before, demand its peaceful and constitutional triumph.

…[N]o… member of Congress [from our party] has uttered or countenanced the threats of disunion so often made by [the opposition] members, without rebuke and with applause from their political associates; and we denounce those threats of disunion, in case of a popular overthrow of their ascendency (sic) as denying the vital principles of a free government, and as an avowal of contemplated treason, which it is the imperative duty of an indignant people sternly to rebuke and forever silence.

Becoming the Grand Old Party

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What will the Republican Party believe in next?

NextGen Politics


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Personal Freedoms

That, with our Republican fathers, we hold it to be a self-evident truth, that all men are endowed with the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that the primary object and ulterior design of our Federal Government were to secure these rights to all persons under its exclusive jurisdiction…

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Gun Control

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Federalism and Regulation

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Welfare and Environmentalism

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Government Spending

Court Reform

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Party On


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