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Dredging Judges

It’s past time to put the entire Judicial Branch on trial!

Key Points

Is there a way to save America and ensure justice and freedom for all? There is… if you are willing to rethink and rebuild the entire Constitution!

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The sun rises on the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. in December 2019.

Go ahead and read the Article 3 of the Constitution that establishes the Judicial Branch of the United States. Yes, please, just go right now, I’ll wait…

Oh, you are back so soon? As you have noticed, there is not much to it! All of Article 3 can fit on a single page of paper yet contains the balancing control for a full third of the entire Federal Government. And just what is in this single page?

The End.

One can immediately see that there was some great concern about this light section that led to the Bill of Rights trying to create some boundaries within the judicial and law enforcement system:

Returning to the very beginning of this entire document, the Constitution was and still is incredibly flawed. But the flaws that were most prevalent made up 50% of the first batch of Amendments. Yet, that was still not enough as the very next Amendment passed by Congress in 1794 and ratified in 1795 made it so if someone wanted to sue a State they had to do it in the State’s court, not in the Federal courts. It was a direct reaction to a rather minor court case where the executor of an estate (Alexander Chisholm) sued the state of Georgia for payments he felt he was due. Georgia refused to show up for the proceedings, so the Supreme Court ruled 4 to 1 in the plaintiff’s favor. The States were so upset by what they perceived as an intrusion onto their supposed sovereignty that they helped get the 11th Amendment passed, including one of the few times a change to the Constitution had overturned a Supreme Court decision. The good news for Chisholm was that while all of this was going on and a jury was being summoned to determine damages, Georgia agreed to settle (although for pennies on the dollar of what they were being sued for, but it appears the plaintiffs were happy for anything at that point). Unfortunately for the four similarly situated cases coming up behind this one, the 11th Amendment preempted them from getting their day before the Supreme Court.

Although this was the last Amendment to directly address the courts and law, the 14th Amendment re-established due process and equal protection as the follow-up to the 13th Amendment ending of slavery and involuntary servitude. Despite this, we know the court system has far more levels, rules, and regulations than just what is in the Constitution. The districts of Federal Courts, the specialty courts, and appeals system and methodologies — all of this came about over time by the Courts themselves and acts of Congress. Add to that the jury system, how grand juries function, powers the courts have granted themselves, and the general time that a trial takes, and we are in a situation where almost an entire branch of government is built upon a house of cards.

As such, it is time to re-evaluate justice in America. This is not about whether specific laws are just, Constitutional, enforced evenly, or any of the standard arguments we hear about on a daily basis. Instead, this is about having a system that allows these conversations to happen and make a significant impact in how the people within the United States interact with the Judicial Branch. Included in this argument are the following:

With that in mind, you have received a summons in the mail, so it is time to go to court!




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