Do Your Job (Part 2 of 2)

Giving the court’s teeth some braces!

Key Points

Is there a way to save America and ensure justice and freedom for all? There is… if you are willing to rethink and rebuild the entire Constitution!

Here in the courtroom of the Supreme Court (pictured in January 2020), there are any number of rules the justices have come up with and maintain that are not based on laws or even logic. For instance, no recording devices are allowed, but people can still come in and draw pictures and write on a piece of paper. Perhaps requiring a camera in the room to record all proceeding and broadcast that to other rooms would free up some limited seats?
John Jay — the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — has a marble and bronze bust available in the in hallways of the Supreme Court building (as shown here in January 2020). Many of the rules and procedures still followed today were created by this man who resigned after five years to become the governor of New York.



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